Cancun Restaurant

7419 Camp Bowie West Blvd 76116 Fort Worth, Texas

About Us

In 1988, Juan Piña came to Fort Worth bringing with him his love for the flavor of his hometown San Felipe, Guanajuato. Located in Central Mexico. San Felipe is known for its typical cuisine famous for chiles rellenos, carnitas and guajillo sauce, as well as its wonderful seafood dishes. This rich heritage inspired Juan to create delicious Mexican dishes as he worked his way to become an executive chef in one of the areas top restaurants. Seeing his passion to create delicious Mexican food, Juan’s friends urged him to open his own restaurant where he would be able to develop his to the fullest potential, By creating Cancun Restaurant, which opened on Cinco de Mayo 2000, specializing in bold, flavorful and fresh coastal Mexican seafood entrees. Today, Cancun Restaurant continues to celebrate it’s Mexican heritage with authentic, traditional Mexican cuisine and seafood specialties. Celebrating the spirit of Mexico with family and friends. Cancun offers Fresh Lime and Strawberry Margaritas and an extensive selection of Mexican beer.

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